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Radio Control

Radio Control cars, drones, boats, tanks, helicopters, airplanes, construction models, accessories and spare parts.


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Electric Components for Radio Control models.
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The E-Revo VXL is built on the race-winning, track-proven innovation of the Revo and E-Revo models.
Reference: 71076-3
Manufacturer: Traxxas
Scale: 1/16
364,95 €
This frame chassis rock crawler is the ideal choice for tackling rocky, harsh off road terrain. Based on a full size frame buggy, the Mauler features a moulded nylon roll cage with body panels and a two-seat interior just like the real thing.
Reference: FTX5575Y
Manufacturer: FTX
Scale: 1/10
238,00 €
Suits Crazy Crawler 4WD Rock Crawler RTR 22216
Reference: 28939
Manufacturer: Team Orion
12,00 €
Reference: 009-MA701-B
Manufacturer: Amewi
47,00 €
Glue for RC tyres.
Reference: SW0003
Manufacturer: Sweep
7,30 €
Glue for RC tyres.
Reference: PL6031-00
Manufacturer: PRO-LINE
9,50 €
Reference: HS108
Manufacturer: Etronix
4,30 €
Reference: ORI40024ZZ
Manufacturer: Etronix
3,50 €
The CARSON Virus 4.1 Brushless is the innovative 4WD buggy with a race chassis optimised for off-road tracks and powerful brushless drive. To protect the steering servo from moisture, the housing was sealed.
Reference: 500409061
Manufacturer: Carson
Scale: 1/8
419,95 €
The CARSON Virus 4.0 is an innovative 4WD buggy with a race chassis optimised for off-road tracks. Main switch, receiver and batteries are housed in an easily opened box for protection from water spray and dust, so that you can even enjoy driving in wet weather. To protect the steering and accelerator/brake servos from humidity, the housing was sealed.
Reference: 500204031
Manufacturer: Carson
Scale: 1/8
299,95 €
Classic beetle style and brawn fuse together in the FTX Bugsta, the latest 4wd off road vehicle. Using the same chassis platform as the very popular Carnage Truggy, Bugsta captures best of buggies and trucks.
Reference: FTX5545
Manufacturer: FTX
Scale: 1/10
275,00 €
Just hand delivery at our address. High performance model racing fuel. Composition: Methanol CH3OH, Nitromethane CH3NO2, synthetic oil with additives, and castor oil. Nitromethane purity: > 99,95% Application: Off-Road cars - TRAINING AND COMPETITION
Reference: NF01252
Manufacturer: Modelix
25,00 €
Reference: NVO1802
Manufacturer: nVision
20,00 €
Reference: NVO1806
Manufacturer: nVision
33,00 €
Reference: FAST60-45
Manufacturer: Fastrax
4,95 €
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