Radio Control 

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Radio Control

Radio Control cars, drones, boats, tanks, helicopters, airplanes, construction models, accessories and spare parts.


RC Cars
Nitro and electric radio control cars, all scales.

Drones and accessories.

RC Helicopters
Radio control helicopters.
RC Bikes

Nitro and electric radio control bikes, all scales.

RC Airplanes
Radio control airplanes.
RC Boats
Radio control boats.
RC Tanks
Radio contol tanks.
RC Construction Models
Radio control construction models.
RC Electric Components
Electric Components for Radio Control models.
RC Parts & Accessories
Spare Parts & Accessories for Radio Control models.

Flight Simulators for Radio Control models.

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Reference: NVO1802
Manufacturer: nVision
20,00 €
Reference: NVO1806
Manufacturer: nVision
33,00 €
Reference: FAST60-45
Manufacturer: Fastrax
4,95 €
Reference: FAST60-40
Manufacturer: Fastrax
4,95 €
Reference: FAST60-35
Manufacturer: Fastrax
4,95 €
Reference: FAST60-30
Manufacturer: Fastrax
4,95 €
Reference: FAST60-25
Manufacturer: Fastrax
4,95 €
FTX have updated the chassis with some subtle design changes and updates to further enhance the performance: Outback 2.
Reference: FTX5586
Manufacturer: FTX
Scale: 1/10
223,00 €
Reference: 26059
Manufacturer: Amewi
112,00 €
Reference: 26055
Manufacturer: Amewi
499,95 €
The SURGE is the latest addition to the entry level range of RC vehicles from FTX. With four different models centred around a shaft driven 4wd chassis platform, there is a SURGE for every off road RC nut. The FTX Surge Dune Buggy is modeled around the classic Californian style sand racers that blast through the SoCal deserts.
Reference: FTX5512G
Manufacturer: FTX
Scale: 1/12
120,00 €
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