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Radio Control

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This dune buggy comes fully equipped with hight quality materials, chassis of robust fiber and aluminium schocks. Demands high performance due its powerful brushless motor and 4WD traction. Radio system is 2.4GHz.
Reference: 22243
Manufacturer: Amewi
Scale: 1/12
185,00 €
The ultimate mini buggy, extremely robust with body anti-shock resistent. Very fast with 20 Km/h maximum speed, short braking distances and high cornering speeds. It uses 3 batteries for long use and comes equipped with 2.4 GHz radio system.
Reference: 22229
Manufacturer: Amewi
Scale: 1/32
36,00 €
Includes: Glow start w/1800 battery Glow start 3hr charger 250cc fuel bottle Phillips screwdriver Slotted screwdriver Large cross nut wrench w/8mm (glowplug), 9mm, 10mm, 12mm and 17mm (wheel) and glowplug hold location Small cross nut wrench w/4mm, 4.5mm, 5.5mm and 7mm
Reference: FAST691E
Manufacturer: Fastrax
24,95 €
With aluminium neck.
Reference: 96423
Manufacturer: Kyosho
10,95 €
Glow plug for 1/18 RC off-road models.
Reference: Fast760-4
Manufacturer: Fastrax
6,30 €
Reference: 057-85973-21
Manufacturer: Amewi
12,80 €
With aluminium neck and name tag.
Reference: FAST22R
Manufacturer: Fastrax
7,95 €
TX: DC 9.6V RX: DC 4.8 - 6.0V
Reference: PX2114
Manufacturer: Prolux
15,00 €
IR Receptor with LED for advanced programming of boards Clark TK.
Reference: TK-IRLine
Manufacturer: Clark Model
11,00 €
IR Remote Control for advanced programming of boards Clark TK.
Reference: TK-Remote
Manufacturer: Clark Model
14,50 €
Classic beetle style and brawn fuse together in the FTX Bugsta, the latest 4wd off road vehicle. Using the same chassis platform as the very popular Carnage Truggy, Bugsta captures best of buggies and trucks.
Reference: FTX5530
Manufacturer: FTX
Scale: 1/10
165,00 €
To use with model X250.
Reference: X250-28
Manufacturer: XK Innovations
108,00 €
To use with model XK250.
Reference: X250-27
Manufacturer: XK Innovations
69,95 €
X250 is a high performance drone equipped with the latest 6-axis gyro flight control system making it easy to fly for everyone. A camera can be added to the X250 at a later date should you wish to capture images and your flights.
Reference: X250
Manufacturer: XK Innovations
84,00 €
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