RC Helicopters 

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RC Helicopters
Radio control helicopters.



Electric RC helicopters.

The Skyrider M "is the second smallest member (220mm) of Skyrider family. Through the built-in gyroscope is possible clean flight control, responding accurately to all commands. You control to the model from the beginning, without much practice. Thanks to the 3-channel technology, this model rise, fall, forward and backward fly.
Reference: 25052
Manufacturer: Amewi
29,95 €
The Level X Helicopter is a 2.4 GHz transmitter driven. This technology helps the helicopter fly even in direct sunlight. This type of signal transmission works without interference, a line of sight is not required.Technically, a range of over 20 meters. The helicopter is equipped with a searchlight and a strong motor, that ensures a fast forward flight.
Reference: 25071
Manufacturer: Amewi
37,00 €
Lama Helicopter is a replica of the famous SA-315 Lama Helicopter made by Aerosptatiale from France. Tis light utility helicopters were specially developed for high and hot environments. For many years they kept the absolute record for the highest altitude flight of an helicpoter.
Reference: 25168
Manufacturer: Amewi
125,00 €
The RC Firestorm PRO mini-helicopter is equipped with the lastest gyroscope technology. Any unwanted rotation of the helicopter is corrected automatically which ensures precise and clean flights. This heli pratically does not suffer damages with the crashes, it is done on propose without metal parts so it is very lighweight, flexible and resistant....
Reference: 25097
Manufacturer: Amewi
41,00 €
Amewi Ready-to-Fly electric helicopter model with Video Camera with recording function and micro SD card 512 Mb. Fly by helicopter and create impressive movies! Model very stable and with a precise flight.
Reference: 25093
Manufacturer: Amewi
55,00 €
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