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Finishing option: Portuguese Air Force The Fiat G-91 was a lightweight fighter-bomber, which won a NATO competition, with the aim of finding a light attack aircraft, inexpensive, low maintenance cost, ability to operate from short and rudimentary runways and able good performances and performance.
Reference: DS-004S
Manufacturer: Meng
Scale: 1/72
28,00 €
Included: photo-etched.
Reference: DS-006
Manufacturer: Meng
Scale: 1/72
43,00 €
Includes Photo-etch
Reference: TS-026
Manufacturer: Meng
Scale: 1/35
66,00 €
F-102A Delta Dagger, produced by Convair,was the first supersonic all-weather interceptor and the world's first aircraft applied the 'Area Rule'. There were 2 different wings for the F-102As: the 'Case X' and 'Case XX' wings. This airplanes were mainly deployed in North America, while a small number of them were deployed in overseas bases during its...
Reference: DS-005
Manufacturer: Meng
Scale: 1/72
26,95 €
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