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1/720 Scale

1/720 scale ships model kits.



Italeri 1/720 ships plastic model kits.


Revell 1/720 ships plastic model kits.

The nuclear-powered Enterprise is the first aircraft carrier of its kind and it's the largest vessels ever made. The gigantic aircraft was put into service in 1961. Eight watercooled reactors generate a total power output of 300,000 HP with which the vessels achieves an average speed of 35 knots.
Reference: 05046
Manufacturer: Revell
Scale: 1/720
19,95 €
The U.S.S. Ronald Reagan is the 9th and last Nimitz class aircraft carrier to be built and marks the beginning of a whole new era for this type of warship.
Reference: 5533
Manufacturer: Italeri
Scale: 1/720
18,90 €
Upgraded moulds. This ship is the 10th and final Nimitz class “supercarrier”. It entered in service in 2009 and is the most updated evolution in terms of technology and weapon systems of its class, and also one of the world’s largest warships. On the deck of the CVN-77 have been recently done the 1st tests with unmanned drones, as the  Northrop Grumman...
Reference: 5534
Manufacturer: Italeri
Scale: 1/720
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The aircraft carrier U.S.S. Kitty Hawk CV 63 entered service in April 1961 after a prolonged project based upon the Forrestal class. During the last 30 years the Kitty Hawk has been altered considerably, specially in what concerns defence armament and electronic equipment. These up-dates keep the carrier in maximum use.
Reference: 5522
Manufacturer: Italeri
Scale: 1/720
19,50 €
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