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Miscellaneous RC

Accessories for RC models.

Includes: Glow start w/1800 battery Glow start 3hr charger 250cc fuel bottle Phillips screwdriver Slotted screwdriver Large cross nut wrench w/8mm (glowplug), 9mm, 10mm, 12mm and 17mm (wheel) and glowplug hold location Small cross nut wrench w/4mm, 4.5mm, 5.5mm and 7mm
Reference: FAST691E
Manufacturer: Fastrax
24,95 €
With aluminium neck.
Reference: 96423
Manufacturer: Kyosho
10,95 €
With aluminium neck and name tag.
Reference: FAST22R
Manufacturer: Fastrax
7,95 €
Safety bag to put your LiPo batteris while on charge or discharging. Dimensions: 18cmx21cm.
Reference: ORI43022
Manufacturer: Team Orion
12,50 €
Fits Inferno Mp9. (TKI 3 version).
Reference: IFD402KY
Manufacturer: Kyosho
13,00 €
This Kyosho thermometer helps you having the temperature of your combustion engine always controlled.
Reference: 36207P
Manufacturer: Kyosho
43,00 €
Body clip for 5 mm body post.
Reference: 309400
Manufacturer: Team XRAY
4,60 €
This quick and simple to use tool allows you to organize and ID your tires by tread and compound.
Reference: DER-TS2-B
Manufacturer: DE Racing
9,20 €
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