1/12 Scale 

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1/12 Scale
The SURGE is the latest addition to the entry level range of RC vehicles from FTX. With four different models centred around a shaft driven 4wd chassis platform, there is a SURGE for every off road RC nut. The FTX Surge Dune Buggy is modeled around the classic Californian style sand racers that blast through the SoCal deserts.
Reference: FTX5512G
Manufacturer: FTX
Scale: 1/12
120,00 €
This dune buggy comes fully equipped with hight quality materials, chassis of robust fiber and aluminium schocks. Demands high performance due its powerful brushless motor and 4WD traction. Radio system is 2.4GHz.
Reference: 22243
Manufacturer: Amewi
Scale: 1/12
185,00 €
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