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1/72 Scale
1/72 scale military vehicles model kits.



Airfix1/72 military vehicles plastic model kits.


Italeri 1/72 military vehicles plastic model kits.


Trumpeter 1/72 military vehicles plastic model kits.

As US bomber operations iniate at airfields all over Southern England from the summer of 1942, the vehicles used in servicing their Liberators and Flying Fortresses were slowly changing from the standard RAF support vehicles, to specialised US Air Force gear.
Reference: A06304
Manufacturer: Airfix
Scale: 1/72
25,95 €
The Willys Jeep, officially designated Truck, 1/2 ton, 4x4, is the best known of all the American vehicles of the Second World War. Originally intended to be a command and reconnaissance car, it became the most versatile of all vehicles. Able to be armed with machine guns and to tow small artillery pieces, the Jeep was essential to the Allied war effort.
Reference: A02339
Manufacturer: Airfix
Scale: 1/72
10,80 €
As the air war over occupied Europe progressively developed, so did the equipment used by the RAF and its Bomber Command. Specialist vehicles were introduced to supply arms and equipment to waiting machines and maintenance tasks were made easier through the introduction of specialised equipment.
Reference: A05330
Manufacturer: Airfix
Scale: 1/72
21,50 €
Fully upgraded moulds.
Reference: 7064
Manufacturer: Italeri
Scale: 1/72
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